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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why buy a nylon whip?  Shouldn't I get a leather one?

Made by the right person, a really nice kangaroo whip can be the most highly refined, beautiful, and functional types of whips available.  Absolutely!  But the truth is that an extremely well made nylon whip isn't that far behind, especially in terms of functionality.

Nylon boasts some unique advantages as well.  Nylon whips can withstand more abuse, are better resist to inclement weather, are available in a wider variety of colors, require less maintenance, and are more affordable.

2. I thought you were with Paul over at MidWestWhips?  What happened?  What are you doing with The Whip Chick?

Nothing happened to Paul, nothing happened to MidWestWhips, and all of that is all still the same.  The Whip Chick is my creative fun offshoot, and while I'm doing the same stuff and making the same whips as I have been for the past several years, I also wanted to create a character and branch out, throw in a little personality, share some art, and experiment.  I'm just having fun. :D
3. I think my whip might need to be repaired. 

Sure I'm happy to help, but don't just try to describe the problem to me.  PLEASE email me photos too - as detailed as you can! 

If there's something wrong that was my fault as the whipmaker, of course I will fix it for free. 

If the problem is because of abuse or just regular wear and tear, I'll give you an estimate based on the photos you send, then once you send the whip to me and I can see it in person I will let you know the definite cost of the repair before I start working on it. 

4. I thought The Whip Chick's name was Shari.  Who are you?  What's going on?!

It's true - I am not Shari.  Shari was a whipmaker who owned this domain several years ago.  I actually emailed her back then to be able to say hi to a fellow female whipmaker - there aren't many of us out there!  But I never heard back from her, and a few years later her domain expired, so I decided to buy it.  Shari, if you're out there and you read this, send me an email.  I'd love to chat.  :)
5. Is a Whip a Weapon?

Whips are categorized as agricultural tools in most places - and rightly so.  Have you ever heard, "Never bring a knife to a gun fight?"  Don't bother bringing a whip either.  Unless it's a staged gunfight with professional actors and you're the opening act!  :)

Whips that are meant to break the sound barrier have not historically been used to hurt people or animals.  Many people use the term "whip" very loosely to include things like floggers, cats, crops, and other tools that were originally made to inflict pain.  But a supersonic whip is built for one main reason: to make a big noise. 

That said, whips can be used as weapons - just like baseball bats, steak knives, and electrical cords can be used as weapons.  Some people have thought a lot about using whips as weapons, like Anthony Delongis, and can do some pretty cool looking martial arts type stuff with them too!

But overall, I personally prefer to promote whips as tools, as a sport, and as a hobby, because I don't want people to feel the need to be afraid of them and do ignorant things like ban the safe use of whips on a college campus.  Reading about that made me sad.

6. Can I practice cracking my whips in the park?  My yard isn't big enough.

In most cases, yes.  You might want to talk to one of the park rangers or security guards in the park first, just so that he isn't surprised in case anyone complains to him about you.  But the truth is that as long as you use common sense and crack a respectable distance away from anyone who might be upset by your noise (families with kids, that couple on the hill trying to have a nice little picnic, etc.), you'll probably be just fine.  You may even have a few friendly curious people walk up to you and ask you about what you're doing, so be prepared and be aware.

Also, it helps to dress nicely, to crack gently instead of as loud as you can, and above all else, smile and look like you're having fun!  What do you think is scarier to someone who knows nothing about whips - somebody scowling and cracking a whip, or somebody smiling and looking like they're having fun while they're cracking a whip? 
5. How do you travel with whips?

You cannot have them in your carry-on or strapped to your belt when you fly.  But you can have them in your checked baggage, or you can also have them shipped with insurance to your destination ahead of you if you are worried about your bags being lost.

Otherwise, most Western countries don't have any problem with whips being transported across state lines, sitting in your backseat, or being carried around in your backpack.

I will post more questions and answers up here as I have time, and if you would like to send me an email asking something that you think would make a good FAQ for others to see up here, just let me know! 

For questions or to order email

For questions or to order please email
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