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My name is Lauren Wickline and I became a crack addict when I was 20.  ;)  Before then, it had never occurred to me that whipcracking was anything other than Hollywood magic stuff.  But whipcracking is so much more - it's a hobby, a skill to hone, an upper body workout, and a whole community of wonderful people who also love whips. 

I cracked whips for a few years just for fun while
working the third shift at a gas station to pay for grad school in a career I didn't feel particularly passionate about. But then one day I went to a whipcracking event in Ohio, and I met Paul Nolan - a whipmaker.  We hit it off very well, and I thought it would be fun to learn how he made his leather whips... and it was!  I loved making whips so much that I never signed up for my next sememster.

Over the course of the next few years I got better and better at making kangaroo hide whips alongside Paul in the basement of a house we rented together in Ohio.  I was able to quit a little part-time job I was using to supplement my income around 2006, and ever since then I have been a full time whipmaker.

The weather in Ohio was pretty awful though, and I really wanted to be able to crack whips more often than I could while protecting my nice kangaroo whips from the elements.  I started looking into whips that were being made out of nylon.  Long story short, and even though there were a handful of excellent nylon whipmakers out there, it turned out to be impossible to reliably get the type of nylon whips that we wanted for the type of cracking we wanted to work on!  And then we moved to Nevada, where the weather is much better for whipcracking, but...

It's drier out here so there is less soft grass on which to crack nice leather whips, and I was still frustrated about that quest for synthetic whips.  So for Christmas, I bought a couple spools of nylon paracord and started working up prototypes.  Then more spools, and more prototypes and testing.  Until finally, almost a year later, the Performance Hybrid Whips were born.  To this day, they are still the most popular whip I make. 

For a while, I made the "PH" whips in the evenings after finishing my leather whipmaking for the day, but the orders for them continued to increase and eventually I started to realize that my future - and in many ways also the future of whips - was in nylon and synthetic whipmaking. 

A year later, I started developing a completely different type of synthetic whip, a short nylon snake whip and signal whip crossover that could actually be handled the same way that kangaroo leather signal and snake whips are handled.  This design took even longer than the PH Whips to work out, but eventually I created the "Snignal" whip, which surprises everyone who tries one with how nicely weighted, how fluid, and how responsive a nylon single tail whip can be.

My third whip design is the Performance Hybrid Mini.  So many performers were using and loving my standard size PH Whips, but they kept asking me if I could also make them a whip short enough to use on small stages with low ceilings that could still do all of the things that their standard PH Whips could do.  After another year of making prototypes and testing, I'm so happy to be able to offer the PH Mini! 

I saw voids in certain areas of synthetic whipmaking, and I worked very hard to make innovative and reliable whips to fill those voids for myself and for others.  And that's my only business.  With the exception of helping Paul with a small handful of wholesale or rush-order-for-films leather whips, I make my living with my own two hands plaiting these three very specific and finely tuned types of nylon whips for very happy customers. 

If you want something different than the three types of whips I make, email me.  I'm more than happy to point you in the direction of some of my nylon whipmaking colleagues who specialize in different styles of nylon whips.

If you've actually read all the way down to here, then let me top it all off with a little about me personally.  I'm 29, I'm a passionate person, I live for new experiences, I love to create things, I play several instruments, I can escape handcuffs, I've been cartooning since grade school, I've only recently started getting into video and video editing but that's pretty fun, and I love love LOVE to teach other people how to crack whips!

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