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                                                          Crackers10 Pack

Standard Black 100% Nylon Popper / Cracker
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                                                          Crackers50 Pack

Standard Black 100% Nylon Popper / Cracker

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or free shipping when
added to any whip order

Basic Nylon Whip Care Instructions:

Don't bring your whip with you into the pool. 
A little bit damp is OK and often unavoidable in some weather, but never allow the whip to be saturated with water. Full saturation will permanently alter the fluidity of the thong. If the thong or twisted sections of paracord on your whip become damp for whatever reason, let the whip hang by its popper to dry somewhere cool, ventilated, and out of the sun.

Try to avoid allowing the whip to hit against rough surfaces (like gravel) while cracking as much as you can. Nylon paracord is really tough and can take much more of this type of abuse than leather, but of course nothing is indestructible. Also, never bend or twist any braided sections of the whip with force in your hands further than where it would bend during the normal course of cracking. Your whip will also last longer if you avoid “power cracking.” With good form and practice these whips will practically crack themselves, so there is no need to overpower the whips.

                                                          Tie Popper
                                                          Cracker on
                                                          Whip KnotOver time, you will need to replace your popper/cracker as the popper “fluff” wears down. Gently pry open the knot and check to be sure the tip of the paracord isn't starting to fray. If it is (which likely won't happen until you have gone through lots and lots of poppers), singe the end with a lighter or match and let it cool for about 60 seconds. Then you can tie your new popper on using whatever method you normally prefer. To the right is the way I do it.

Remember that whips are not just toys. They can be dangerous, and can cause serious permanent bodily harm if they are not used sensibly and with proper safety precautions. I recommend taking it slow and wearing at least eye protection while practicing, especially for beginners. Be safe, have fun, and feel free to email if you have any questions.

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