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The Shorter Performance Hybrid MINI
Base Price $155/ea or $300/pair

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See Paracord Color Chart Videos of PH Whips in Action Browse PH Whip Photo Gallery
                                                          Hybrid Mini
  • After performers everywhere started using - and loving - my standard length PH Whips, they immediately started asking me for shorter whips that they can use on the really tight INDOOR STAGES but that would still crack just as cleanly and responsively.  So I worked for over a year to zero in on the BEST SOLUTION to the big compromise with super short whips: Versatility versus Volume versus Length.  I finally settled on the balance and proportions in the PH Minis.
  • I can't emphasize enough that this whip probably ISN'T THE BEST CHOICE FOR A BEGINNER who wants to learn new cracking routines and doesn't want to make learning certain tricks more difficult or limited.  They cut targets with the cattleman's crack like a dream, but multiple cracking like volleys and other two handed routines are much harder to learn on whips this short.  That said, once you have learned those multiple cracking routines (hopefully on standard length PH Whips?!), you will be able to do them with the PH Minis too!  It's just a little more difficult because whips this short are FAST.  Like, crazy fast.  You have been warned. 
  • The LENGTH of a PH Mini Whip is about 3ft long, which means that from absolute end to end, it measures just a handful of inches longer than 5ft, depending on the length of popper you use.  3ft is the measure of the flexible and braided thong portion of the whip.  Its handle is shorter than the full size PH, but still long enough to provide the extra leverage you need for the fancy two-handed Australian style cracking.  The handle base and butt knot are the same diameter, so they will feel the same as standard PH Whips in the palm of your hand.  This length is also really great for precision target cutting with the cattleman's crack, like in the classic newspaper cutting tricks.
  • Just like their bigger brothers, the overall weight of the PH Whips is LIGHT.  Calm down, keep reading.  This means that volleying and other fancy cracking is easier to learn, you can practice for longer without wearing out, and you can be confident in your ability when performing.  Overall weight is different from the balance of a whip, which is sometimes also referred to as "weight."  PH Whips have a perfectly centered (not light) balance.  I found that if you want to do fancier cracking with extremely short whips, you need to use your wrists more than normal - mainly for the sake of speed.  But our wrist muscles don't tend to be as strong or have as much endurance as the muscles in the rest of our arms/shoulders/back, so it's important for the whips to be as light as possible and respond best to good form instead of over-muscling. 
  • MILITARY GRADE NYLON PARACHUTE CORD is a great material to work with, and comes in nearly any color you can imagine.  While of course nothing is indestructible after enough abuse, nylon paracord is exponentially more resistant to abrasion, damp weather, mildew, broken strands, and requires almost no maintenance.  We strongly recommend against saturating your whip with water, but if it does become damp, try to hang it to dry by its popper (perhaps over a shower rod?).  Plus, all the cord I use (except for the glow in the dark stuff) is manufactured right here in the U.S.A.
  • I've been making the standard length PH Nylon Whip for several years now, and they have increased exponentially in popularity in that time.  My PH Minis are still relatively young, but everyone who has had the chance to buy or try a pair has been pleasantly surprised by how nicely they crack and how versatile such an extremely short whip can be.
  • Click one of the links below to learn how to place an order, see the chart of standard paracord colors, or browse through photos of PH Whips and PH Minis that I've made for other customers.  You can even sort by color in the gallery!

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See Paracord Color Chart Videos of PH Whips in Action Browse PH Whip Photo Gallery

  • These have really helped me while practicing two handed routines.  Since I have been using these I have been noticing more control and better accuracy in my routines.  They crack effortlessly!!!  I would definitely like to get another pair.  (Nick Ammann)
  • OK, I've handled a lot of whips in the past 34 years.  These are my new favorites.  (Darrin Jones)
  • Lauren is a real craftsman who takes great pride in her work... and it shows.  I have been using her hybrids since last summer [2009].  I have two with traditional falls and one with a twisted end.  All have been incorporated into my shows on a regular basis, from double handed routines (the white pair with the white hide falls) to super close target cutting with my wife (using the traditional twisted end whip in red and black).  These whips have really gone the distance and can take the "abuse" of more than frequent cracking and performing.  (Chris Camp "The Whip Guy")
  • Your PH whips rock!!! I found them a little light at the beginning, but now enjoy them big time. Tripled my double whip volley count and combo cracking is a breeze . My shoulders and rotator cuffs thank you for these whips. It's such a mystery, how do you get the paracord to braid so well. Flawless execution, no kinks at all in the flow were the laces are dropped. Such an awesome product.  I'm proud to own such a work of art. (André Tremblay, Stuntman)
  • They are the easiest to crack, easiest to learn new tricks on whips that I have used. (Leapin' Louie, comedy performer)
Performers and Professionals who use and/or recommend PH Nylon Whips made by Lauren Wickline:

Adam Winrich
or “Adam Crack,Chris CampThe Whip Guy,” Jack DaggerThe King of Fling,” “Leapin’ LouieDavid Lichtenstein, Loop Rawlins, “Twisthead SiSimon Ratzker, The Don Juan and Miguel Show, Jeffrey Robinson, Sylvia Rosat, Adam Solko, Todd Rex, Dan “Bullwhip” Borton, John Leonetti, Amy 'Scarlett' Rosvally, Santi from Rumpus, Judy Taylor, Jacob D. Guinn, Andre Tremblay, Amanda Zwar

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