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The 16 Plait Nylon "Snignal" Whip
Any color combo, $165/ea

Why the "Snignal" Whip?   It's not a type-o!  All of the whips I make from nylon paracord, including this one, are high quality, unique, and have features that make them special - not just a cheap alternative to professional leather whip. I nicknamed this whip the "Snignal" whip because it combines the smooth, unbroken taper of a traditional Signal Whip with a popper/cracker that can be replaced easily by the user just like you would on a Snake Whip.
  • Cargo
                                                          Pocket WhipThanks to the even taper and distribution of weight inside a FLUID THONG, whip users from many different backgrounds will enjoy throwing this style of whip. 
  • The cracker/POPPER IS SIMPLE TO REPLACE because it is attached the same way poppers/crackers are attached to the ends of falls on snake whips - with a simple overhand knot.
  • At this time, all "snignal" whips are approximately equivalent in length to a traditional 4ft signal whip.  Most people who use signal or snake whips indoors or who like to carry a concealed whip when outdoors agree - myself included - that this is an EXCELLENT LENGTH FOR BEGINNERS with the same goals.
  • When not in use, this whip will coil to fit almost anywhere: a pocket, purse, glovebox, etc.
  • LESS MAINTENANCE.  No need for leather conditioner here, and if your whip gets dirty, you can just gently scrub the dirt off with a damp brush (fully saturating the whip with water will however permanently alter its fluidity - we do not recommend submerging your whip).
  • 16 PLAIT.  This higher plait count allows the snignal to be weighted and balanced to throw as similarly as possible to a typical equivalent kangaroo whip. 
  • The amazing selection of colors available for nylon whips is unmatched by any other popular whipmaking material.  Plus, this whip contains no animal hide at all, and could even be classified as a VEGAN whip.  If you care.
  • There is NO BREAK-IN PERIOD to wait through like there is with kangaroo whips.  These whips crack beautifully straight out of the box, and even with regular use (not abuse!) you won't see any major changes to how the whip performs as it ages.

One price for any combination of colors in a repeating chevron pattern (as pictured):
16 Plait 4ft Snignal Whip: $165
+ $9 shipping
in the USA
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These whips have since been field-tested by not only us here at MidWestWhips, but also by skilled whipcrackers and performers across the country.  Scroll down to choose one of the links below to get started choosing your MidWestWhips "Snignal" Whip.

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See Paracord Color Chart Browse Snignal Whip Photo Gallery

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