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Learn How To Crack A Whip - Lessons

I have been cracking whips for about ten years now, and I take every opportunity I can to help teach other people how to crack a whip too.  If you are a performer looking for a new skill for your act or just to add to your repertoire, I'd like to help you get started.  If you or your son or daughter just saw some great whipcracking at a Renaissance Faire and want to give the sport a try, I can help.  There are dozens of reasons to start cracking whips - and dozens more why it's so addictive once you get started!  There are always new cracks to learn, new combinations to wrap your head around, and new muscles to build - in your brain and your body.  Cracking whips can be a solitary sport, but it can also be a wonderful way to meet new and interesting people. 

If you are interested in a hands-on lesson on how to crack a whip, send me an email at  I have a nice grassy yard the perfect size for a few whipcrackers to practice together, and I live in the second sunniest city in the whole United States.  It's about an hour drive to here from Las Vegas, and about four or five hours from Los Angeles depending on traffic.  I'm not personally much of a gambler anyway, but I wholeheartedly believe that learning how to crack a whip is an awesome and memorable alternative to gambling on the strip - at least for a few hours of that super cool vacation you've been planning.    Small groups or families are welcome, as well as individuals and couples.  You can bring your own whips, but I have some here that you can rent for a small fee if you haven't decided whether you want to make that investment yet.

We have all the basics here in town - gas stations, grocery, hotels, restaurants, RV parks, etc. so you can refuel and recharge here overnight if you want to, or you can just stop by for an hour on your way to another nearby destination like Las Vegas or Death Valley.

Email me at
with some basic information like dates you're considering, your current skill level with a whip (videos welcome if you have 'em!), if you own a whip, what kind of whip you own (or even better, a photo of it too), what you're hoping to achieve (cutting targets, starting two-handed cracking, just trying it for the first time and you don't know, etc.), what date you have in mind, if you're not an individual then the size of your small group and the ages of anyone under 18 who will be with you, and anything else you can think of that might be relevant.  Then we can email back and forth a little bit to tailor the class to work best for you, and I can give you a price.

For questions or to order email

For questions or to order please email
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